Zorya is an acoustic trio comprised of the Vonder Haar sisters, Violet and Tara and Phylshawn Johnson that formed in the Spring of 2012.  The girls form a beautiful landscape of sound with the variety of acoustic instruments they play effortlessly. At any given time you will hear acoustic, electric, bass and baritone guitar, mandolin, fiddle, ukelele, and keyboards. All three girls have distinct songwriting styles that compliment each other when played together. Between Tara’s witty, catchy ukelele tunes, Violet’s introspective lyrics and floating melodies and Phylshawn’s unique rhythmic and complex chord changes, there’s something for everyone.

The name Zorya is inspired by Goddesses of Slavic Mythology.  The Zorya are ancient Slavic sky and light goddesses, honored particularly in Russia. Sometimes only two in number, they are usually portrayed as three. They were three Slavic dawn goddesses. There was Utrennyaya, the Morning Star; Vechernyaya, the Evening Star; and the Midnight Star. All have the same job: to guard and watch over the doomsday hound that threatens to eat the constellation Ursa Minor, the ‘little bear.’ If the chain breaks loose and the constellation is devoured, the universe is said to end. Thus the Zoryas are guardian goddesses.

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